Music Pieces for Voice Piece








Videos, Notes on Music Sheets, Music Score, Sound, 2016

The work is based on a performance of an Event Score by Yoko Ono, Voice Piece for Soprano (Grapefruit, 1961). The scream or the screaming – from a historical perspective mostly negatively connotated as typically female – is performed here by musicians with male vocal ranges, as a tribute to Yoko Ono.

The vocal performances are translated into music sheets by an algorithm-based note recognition program, calculating slightly varying notations for each performed scream. The musicians rehearsed a possible interpretation of the score in their studios on their respective instruments, extending also the possibilities of the unplayable parts of their score.

The videos show the musicians performing the voice piece as well as their rehearsals and interpretation of the translated screams in their respective rehearsal rooms.

with Marc Philipp Gabriel (voice/flute), Martial Frenzel (voice/drum set), Juan Peñalver Madrid (voice/piano), Mike Flemming (voice/viola), Michal Krajczok (voice)