Memories of Jürgen Gosch









Do we still need theater in the 21st century? We will dare to approach this question with an interdisciplinary all round examination of the situation of the theater, starting with a specific contestation with the works of Gosch. Have we maybe lost the basic impulse in debates and fights concerning the director’s theater, the post-dramatic and the cultural-political struggle for existence? Part of this project will be valuable film material from Lars Barthel, which allow us a deep insight into the last years of Gosch’s life and holds on to the intense work and rehearsals with his actors up until his death. What was, what is the secret Jürgen Gosch bares in his way of making theater. This material, which observes the director with his actors, shows us what it means to live theater and love art with the heart and soul until death do you part. With Ulrich Matthes, Corinna Harfouch, Meike Droste, Christine Schorn.