Under The Family Tree








Habitual truant Isabell, 16, is sent to a self knowledge seminar in the Polish Sudeten Mountains for summer holidays by her desperate single mother. In the midst of untouched nature she encounters a group of psycho-esoterics led by therapist Einar and his wife Julia: both are considered to be luminaries of so called “systemic family constellation”. Though Isabell initially denies to take an active part in the eccentric group meetings, after a while she gets convinced by an arising feeling of togetherness. Above all she is highly attracted by Einar himself – it flatters her being aware that the charismatic man also has cast an eye at her. What seems like an exciting adventure in the beginning shifts as one of the participants – Saskia, a young woman who has lost her own daughter some years ago – loses her mind and disappears without a trace. A gloomy erotic psychological thriller about the universal trials and tribulations of growing up.

2018 Nuremberg Film Festival – Best Main Character for Stephanie Amarell

2017 Cairo International Filmfestival – Northafrican Premiere

2017 Busan International Filmfestival – International Premiere