Ich schwöre ich hab Angst LP




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With a strong focus on indetermination and personal involvement with the irrational, I experience certain psychological effects, ideas, and emotions beyond music itself. One of them is the transformation of a sense of freedom and nothingness into an inability to be present and attentive, leading to an almost unbearable, constant, and irritating wish to be somewhere else. Suddenly, the idea of freedom shifts me into a reality in which I fail to be present. In this moment, I wish to be elsewhere, to swim away, to get completely lost in the sea.

I think that the ideas of freedom and individualism in Western societies have led to a lack of common vision, heavily influencing how we live and make art or music. I see fear and fear-driven behaviour all around. I wish to point to this, as I fear that inattentiveness is becoming omnipresent and a part of all of us. I feel that this is not a world in which I wish to live and make music. I wish to be somewhere else.

«Ich schwöre ich hab Angst» is a collection of partly conceived and partly improvised pieces, created within this mindset. It is an edit and mix of recorded live performances from Vas, Venice, and Lago in Italy during the summer of 2021, alongside recordings from rehearsals and live sets in Berlin in the autumn of 2021.